Buddies Over Bullies

Buddies Over Bullies

Happy Bullying Prevention Month! This month is particularly important for the Silver Lining Foundation as it reminds us of the genesis of the foundation – to serve as a guardian body for marginalized youth who are or have been victims of bullying, seeking to prevent suicide and discrimination. While our primary focus is centered on youth under the framework of sexual diversity and gender identity and expression, we are charged with tackling bullying and discrimination as a general notion. Bullying…

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June is LGBT Pride Month

“…out of the 365 days on the year, there is one month where I can experience life without judgement, hatred and condemnation and share what my life is (or has become) with people I care about and people who share the same struggles or freedoms.” – Isaiah Alexander The word “Pride” suggests a positive stance against discrimination towards LGBT individuals. Pride, as opposed to shame and stigma, is the catalyst for the LGBT movement around the world, and signifies a…

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