12th Anniversary Message by Executive Director

Full transcript of video by Executive Director & Founder, Jeremy Steffan Edwards, commemorating the 12th Anniversary of The Silver Lining Foundation. Twelve years ago, we embarked on a remarkable journey with a singular mission: to create a safe and empowering space for LGBTQ+ youths to learn, thrive, and succeed in their own country.  As we celebrate another anniversary, I am proud to say that we have made significant strides in advancing the rights and well-being of LGBTQ+ people in Trinidad…

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#TBT – Pride 2023

“Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it’s a good place to start.” — Jason Collins On this very special #TBT, we throw it back to this past Sunday, where LGBTQIA+ people and allies gathered in love, joy and harmony to march for the right to love and be unequivocally loved and to celebrate our existence and the progress that’s been made in the fight for equal rights. SLF holds values of unity, togetherness and community close to our hearts,…

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Pride…Inside & Out!

Pride Month is a celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of our community. It is a time of remembrance, reflection and togetherness to fight intolerance, violence and discrimination. Pride Month reminds us to build the strength to continue breaking barriers to equality and confronting all forms of discrimination year-round, not just during one month.  Though Pride Month is celebrated globally in June to commemorate the 1969 New York Stonewall Rights and celebrate the progress toward LGBTQIA+ equality, TT Pride Month…

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Father’s Day 2023

Father’s Day may not be easy for many LGBTQIA+ people. Some may be experiencing emotional pain as a result of family rejection or the loss of a loved one who was supportive and affirming. Some parents may also be experiencing negative feelings as a result of the unique societal obstacles of having an LGBTQIA+ child or identifying as LGBTQIA+ themselves. We hold space for all those who may be experiencing some tough emotions today. Today and every day, we celebrate…

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IDAHOBIT 2023 – Together Always, United in Diversity

The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) is a day to raise awareness of the violations of human rights and to advocate for equitable, sustainable and inclusive policy-making and change. It is a day to inspire people to take action to support peoples’ rights to live safely and free from the threat of abuse, discrimination and/or violence as a result of their sexual orientation, gender expression or sex. At a time when the rights of LGBTQIA+ people across…

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Mother’s Day 2023

A mother is not just someone who has birthed a child; mothers are phenomenal people who are dedicated to their families through any obstacles. This Mother’s Day, we reflect on the role that mothers play in our lives. Whether our mothers are in our lives or not, by force or choice, they and our experiences with them help to shape who we are and who we become.  We also hold space for those who may be experiencing negative feelings about…

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World Anti-Bullying Day 2023

Designated by the United Nations on May 4 annually, World Anti-Bullying Day is a commemorative day to pledge support for ending bullying in schools. While the signs are sometimes apparent and willful, the effects are often silent and are noticed too late. World Anti-Bullying Day is a day that reminds us to raise awareness about this social ill and to defend anyone – regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, creed, age or any other physical attribute – facing discrimination,…

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Transgender Day of Visibility 2023

Today, on Transgender Day Of Visibility, we stand with our transgender and gender-diverse friends in celebrating their existence. Everywhere and every day, we are reminded that our community is beautiful, strong and resilient. With even more representation today than ever before, we must be reminded that harmful anti-trans sentiments and violence are still prevalent, which can cause infringement of their rights as human beings.  There is power in unity and positivity. Transgender and gender-diverse people have been some of the…

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IWD 2023 – #EmbraceEquity

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a celebration of womanhood, acknowledging and concentrating efforts on educating society on how we can break glass ceilings and bridge the gender gap. Celebrated annually on March 8th, IWD is a day to celebrate and reflect on societal advancements towards gender equality and mobilize efforts to create a diverse and inclusive, gender-equal world.  SLF’s foundational pillars of support, education and advocacy all lend to the ideals of building stronger families, creating safer classrooms and fostering…

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Celebrating 11 Years

Today, we celebrate our continued drive to empower youth, build stronger families and create safer classrooms. Today, we celebrate 11 years of support, education and advocacy.  What started as a dream, a hope in the minds of a group of committed young people, motivated to build a better, safer society for LGBTQIA+ people stands today, 11 years later, as a recognised, respectable and dynamic organisation, tasked with a continued push for safe spaces where LGBTQIA+ people feel seen, heard, valued,…

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