Talk Yuh Talk: LGBTI Policy Agenda 2.0

Talk Yuh Talk: LGBTI Policy Agenda 2.0

The Alliance for Justice and Diversity is a social justice coalition of organisations led by Trinidad and Tobago’s LGBTI+ civil society organisations (CAISO: Sex and Gender Justice, Friends for Life, I Am One, The Silver Lining Foundation, Transgender Coalition of T&T, Women’s Caucus of T&T, and WOMANTRA). In addition to issues related to sexuality and gender identity, these organisations work together to prevent gender-based violence, strengthen school safety, improve policing, and champion protection against discrimination based on age, health conditions, and LGBTI+ status.

AJD’s policy agenda work aims to direct the media and politicians and other national stakeholders’ attention towards issues that are most relevant and important for the national LGBTI+ community. The Agenda seeks to provoke election-season and post-election conversation on feasible action points for the state, which generally differ from the ones the media or government might imagine, or that are popular internationally. The policy agenda action points also guide the work of AJD member organisations’ strategic plans for activism and community organising.

The 2020 LGBTI Policy Agenda 2.0 includes critical areas of concern that resonate with the previous agendas, reflects updates and more specific calls to action from the Government to address the following concerns: State Capacity and Training on Human Rights; Discrimination in and Access to Employment, Healthcare, Housing and Goods/Services; Poverty and Homelessness; Comprehensive Sex Education; Gender-Based and LGBTI Violence and Policing; Legislative and Policy exclusions and blindspots. For the period 2020-2025, these are the 13 concrete action steps we want to focus the national policy conversation on human rights concerns, especially related to sex and gender diversity:

We want to get YOU involved, too! Getting involved is really very simple and can be done at the click of a button and from the comfort of your homes. Share these points with your friends, families and your circles. Reach out to your representatives and ask how they plan to address discrimination and violence against LGBTQI+ people and improve the lives of their constituents!

Let’s work together to move the Agenda forward. Share the Agenda! #TalkYuhTalk

Contact the Alliance for Justice & Diversity via email at justicediversitytt@gmail.com for more information or message any of the member organisations. Learn more about these 13 actions at https://justicediversitytt.wordpress.com/



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