Pride Month 2023

IDAHOBIT 2023 – Together Always, United in Diversity

The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) is a day to raise awareness of the violations of human rights and to advocate for equitable, sustainable and inclusive policy-making and change. It is a day to inspire people to take action to support peoples’ rights to live safely and free from the threat of abuse, discrimination and/or violence as a result of their sexual orientation, gender expression or sex. At a time when the rights of LGBTQIA+ people across…

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5 Ways to Becoming a Better Ally

“Allyship” refers to the actions, behaviours and practices that people can take to support, amplify and advocate with others who don’t belong to the same social identity groups as themselves. Allyship is not a single action, but rather an ongoing one, and is especially important since it is an open showing of support and advocacy for equal treatment. Allies are powerful and important to the push for equality, uniquely poised as persons in a position to use their voices to…

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Celebrating 11 Years

Today, we celebrate our continued drive to empower youth, build stronger families and create safer classrooms. Today, we celebrate 11 years of support, education and advocacy.  What started as a dream, a hope in the minds of a group of committed young people, motivated to build a better, safer society for LGBTQIA+ people stands today, 11 years later, as a recognised, respectable and dynamic organisation, tasked with a continued push for safe spaces where LGBTQIA+ people feel seen, heard, valued,…

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Holiday Message 2022

A new year brings new signs of hope. The holidays can be tough for LGBTQI+ people, especially those who may be challenged in living their truth and their authentic lives in environments that may potentially be harmful. Today, and every day, we hold space for you. We continue to fight for you and champion your cause to make Trinidad & Tobago a better, safer and more equitable place.  We have been blessed to have your unending and unwavering support for…

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MEDIA RELEASE: SLF CSE Project Nominated by TTFF

For Immediate Release September 22nd, 2022 CHAGUANAS (September 22nd, 2022) — The Silver Lining Foundation (SLF) is pleased to announce the nomination of our comprehensive sex education (CSE) project “My Maxi” for Best Film As Decided by a Youth Jury and Best Trinidad & Tobago Film at the 2022 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival. Commissioned by SLF as a part of our “CSE? Say Less!” campaign advocating for comprehensive sex education for all, “My Maxi” is a short narrative film…

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SLF x TTFF2022

📣 SOMETHING EXCITING IS COMING! 📣 Commissioned as part of our “CSE? Say Less!” campaign, championing comprehensive sex education, “My Maxi” is up for consideration by the 2022 Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival in not just one but TWO categories:  🏆 Best Film as Decided by a Youth Jury 🏆 Best Trinidad & Tobago Film Directed by Andrei Pierre, this short film tells the story of Marcus, who becomes inspired to #ConvertHurt and build #StrongerFamilies by talking about his sexual…

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Join our Peer Support Network!

Are you or anyone you know an LGBTQI+ person between the age of 15 and 21 and would like to become a peer mentor? This Pride, The Silver Lining Foundation is pleased to launch our newest project: the Peer Support Network, a programme seeking to empower young LGBTQIA+ people through a series of workshops to bring resolution to their own issues in a safe space with their peers by removing the stigma and isolation that young people may feel. The…

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Father’s Day 2022

June can be a celebratory month for LGBTQIA+ parents. On top of Pride, which reminds us of our community history and acts as a renewed call for continued support, Father’s Day is also a time to call for greater inclusion and awareness of diverse families. It is a time for us to acknowledge the father figures in our lives and the evolving role of fathers everywhere. Parenthood is something that may feel like a foreign concept to some LGBTQIA+ people,…

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Happy Pride 2022!

June is celebrated globally as Pride Month, a month dedicated to togetherness, reflection and a celebration of achievements in the fight for LGBTQIA+ equality and inclusion. Birthed as a response to years of discrimination, inequality and injustice, Pride is, by virtue, an act of resistance against discrimination and violence towards LGBTQIA+ people by way of celebrating our existence. Globally, the past few decades have ushered in some progress in the pursuit of equality and recognition of LGBTQIA+ rights, thanks largely…

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