Statement on situation at Naparima College

Statement on situation at Naparima College

The Silver Lining Foundation notes with concern and shock a recording purporting to be a teacher addressing students at Naparima College, San Fernando.

School should be a place where a student is free to grow and learn in a safe, caring environment. That safety should apply to all students regardless of their sexuality or religious beliefs.

We are thus appalled at the blatant disregard for student welfare and disrespect for the noble profession of teaching that may have occurred in this incident.

As an organisation that deals with young persons who have encountered hate speech, bullying and rejection we are keenly aware of the struggles that students can face at school. It is decidedly and undeniably wrong for a teacher to use obscene language while on a tirade that is demeaning to her colleagues and her young charges.

We call for an immediate response from Naparima College regarding this situation and how the damage done to this prominent school will be ameliorated.

Let us use this opportunity to continue the discourse regarding sexuality in our society, and to extend a caring word to those who may feel hurt or targeted by such irresponsible vitriolic statements.



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