SLF Condemns “Real Woman” Remark

SLF Condemns “Real Woman” Remark

The Silver Lining Foundation (SLF) is, once again, calling on all political candidates, party representatives and public officials to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, befitting to all our citizens. SLF makes this call in reference to the recent statement made on a political platform, calling on constituents to vote for a “real woman”, which we strongly condemn. 

While SLF understands that our political landscape often lends itself to “picong” and colourful vocabulary by our politicians, we call on the officials to recognise that the statement made is in poor taste. Presenting yourself as the best candidate for a constituency, you stand on your plans for the constituency and on your record, rather than resort to these divisive, sexist, discriminatory political tactics. These tactics are archaic, demeaning and does not demonstrate any plans for the betterment of your constituency and your country. 

We are saddened that we must make this call again, as we did in 2015. We remind all officials that these harmful and discriminatory tactics only further sexist and homophobic narratives that counter the steps that our country has made in the progression of equal rights. As citizens, we must reject these divisive narratives and demand that these discriminatory tactics not be used in politics.

We ask that all representatives and their respective political parties continue to abide by the Code of Ethical Political Conduct and the Council for Responsible Political Behaviour, which has as one of its key objectives the “promotion of respect for human rights, the pursuit of civil and political liberties, the tolerance of divergent opinions, full and active participation of all in the political process.” We demand accountability for this statement and call for a better standard from our leaders.  

We demand accountability for this statement and call for a better standard from our leaders as they continue to govern our nation to prosperity, inclusion and acceptance.



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