Rights Deconstructed: National Policy on Gender and Development

Rights Deconstructed: National Policy on Gender and Development

Womantra hosted a public sensitization installation entitled ‘Rights Deconstructed’. The project offered an interactive and educational breakdown of the national policy on gender and development. It is important to note that this policy has been shelved for the past 18 years.We at SLF supports WOMANTRA in recognizing the gaps and flaws in the policy and the recommendations made to ensure inclusivity and respect for #humanRights.

The six themes highlighted were: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Status, Immigration Status, Employment Status, Family Planning, Youth and disability status.The establishment of the gender policy is of critical importance towards the healthy and progressive relations within family life, for persons with disabilities, youth and the #LGBTI communities.

It was staggering to observe that the policy explicitly exclude issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity. This reality scored a discouraging 0 on WOMANTRA’s reporting card rubric (Vision, breadth of scope, implementation and impact).Civil society continues to push for the recognition of LGBTI, women and youth (including children) by putting pressure on the government to refine the policy to be all-inclusive and progressive.#MakeItRight#Trinidad#Tobago#SLFTT[Image description: Members of the public attended an interactive installation hosted by Womantra. The activities included a ‘jenga’ related policy game and tub diving educational game].

✍: Renelle White
📷: @brandonkalyan



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