4th Annual Women’s Rights Rally & March

4th Annual Women’s Rights Rally & March

Today different people from diverse communities came together to march and rally for gender justice, women’s rights and against patriarchal ideals that oppress and limit women’s and other vulnerablised groups freedoms. #IWD2020 it’s 4th-year inaction continued to make visibility and intersectionality important.

The mass gathering was a living embodiment of theme #GenerationEquality. #LGBTI organisations and activists walked in solidarity with Caribbean feminist and women’s movement, claiming space in our nation. We continue to band together to break down the chains of patriarchy that limits, oppress and hurt. There is #PowerInAction; this is #generationequality, a generation for change.

Hosted by: International Women’s Day Trinidad and Tobago[Image description: People of all various backgrounds walk together along the Queen’s Park Savannah for the International women’s rally and march]

✍: Renelle White
📷: Brandon Kalyan



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