Solidarity with Pulse Victims

Solidarity with Pulse Victims

13516413_909694272485815_6526813383773792488_nSLF shows SOLIDARITY with Pulse Victims at UWI Candlelight Vigil

The attacks on a gay nightclub in ‪Orlando‬ may have been committed by one man but make no mistake this was a calculated and targeted attack on the LGBT community. A community who knows discrimination and hate all too well.

Our existence has been waged on the battles we endured facing hate and intolerance throughout history, while defying the odds meant to tear us down and deny us the right to be ourselves and to love freely and openly.

Therefore it came as no surprise to hear the vitriolic hate and judgement expressed by many in their reactions to the murder of 49 innocent souls, gone too soon.

So while our leaders fail to lead by showing unapologetic struggles with simple words, such as LGBT, and our laws continue to deny us our basic human rights, let it be known – our resilience remains absolute, our courage – though shaken – will not be broken, and our perseverance goes unflinching.

13533137_909694285819147_3550910759317007237_nThe LGBT community will take up where our leaders have let us down. We will stand strong and united under one common purpose, inspired in the knowledge that history stands on our side – when all is said and done – and till that day comes, we will look at our naysayers and detractors, and continue to love unconditionally, accept abundantly, and respect indiscriminately.

We are a strong community. We know what persecution feels like. Our existence sadly thus far has been marked by centuries long struggles with discrimination.

We live it! We breathe it! We sleep on it! Everyday! Well NOT anymore.

We will wake up our courage and stamp out our fears that have held us back for too long. We will let our voices be heard. We will take this tragedy and turn it into a triumph, not just for ourselves, but for all of mankind. For when we live in a world that is defined more by hope over hate, acceptance over intolerance and peace over persecution, we are ALL made better for it.

13516410_909694335819142_8882476732287586783_nWhile our hearts and souls mourns for the passing of our 49 brothers and sisters, let it be known that their deaths will not be in vain but will be used as a catalyst for change, with regards to all that could be. Their memory will guide us into building a nation that accepts diversity, condemns intolerance and fights hate.

Orlando will not be another one of history’s footnotes that is forgotten or becomes lost in translation through the passage of time. Orlando for us is an awakening to end the insufferable silence that has penetrated the LGBT community into believing that their voices are muted and their human rights are non-existent.

Incidents like this should not deter us from moving forward nor should it question our belief in humanity. We have always been a strong and resilient community. We have always led the fight for equal rights and fair treatment for EVERYONE. Therefore it is imperative more than ever for us to be more visible, more vigilant and more committed than we have ever been to drown out the ignorance and hate that we have allowed to deny us our freedoms and basic human rights.

On the wings of 49 angels we stand in SOLIDARITY – more proud than ever – to say no longer will our voices be silenced into suffocation but proud and free to demand a world where we are all simply defined by one word, HUMAN!

So we will transform our pain into purpose.
Change the heartbreak into healing.
And finally move this tragedy into triumph.



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