On the passing of Dominic Matouk

On the passing of Dominic Matouk

It is with great sadness that the Silver Lining Foundation learned of the tragic death by suicide of young Dominic Matouk over the weekend.

The Foundation takes this opportunity to extend our heartfelt condolences to Dominic’s family and friends in their time of grief.Dominic’s father described him as a well-rounded, talented young man with many friends and said, ” He was a brilliant guitarist, an excellent rugby player and a half-decent football player.”

While the reason may not be clear on the 20 year old’s death, the fact still remains that yet another child, a son and a brother was lost leaving many to mourn and wondering what could have been done.  A common reason for such a commission is lack of social support. A lot of young people have reported feeling “unappreciated, unloved and uninvolved with family and friends” and feeling “isolated and lonely” at times – even in the midst of many people and communities and resources and people who want to help every day.

The Foundation remembers its genesis almost 1 year ago following similar circumstances and echo the words of Father Reginald Hezekiah, “There is no need for you to walk with pain and burden. You have to share it. You have to find that person to share that burden with. Don’t worry, God will direct you and if you feel there is any blame on your part, forgive yourselves.”

No matter your religious persuasion, Fr. Hezekiah’s words are both timely and true. We in the Foundation believe that no matter how overwhelming a situation may seem or how lonely you may feel there is always someone out there just for you to help you get through it all. Once you stretch your hand out there for help, know that someone is going to take that hand. We assure you that one of those hands will be ours. Know that the Foundation family is here for you always.

Love to all.



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