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Dear Colin…

The Silver Lining Foundation (SLFTT) celebrates the life of our friend and colleague, Colin Robinson. Like many others, no amount of preparation could have made us ready to say goodbye and truly, we are still not ready. His passing leaves us saddened and heartbroken. No words or emotion fully conveys the sadness and grief we all share over this loss. We extend our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to his family and friends during this time. Colin epitomized passion in…

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Women and Girls have a right to be safe.

Written by Dr Gabrielle Jamela Hosein / Facebook. Republished with permission. Tamika Griffith. 16. Shot in the head while being shown a gun. Rest In Peace.But more generally, and in reference to this time in Trinidad and Tobago, whatever the circumstances and context, there are some basics to know. Women are not being harassed, raped, threatened and killed in these numbers by other women. Male violence, the use of violence and sexual violence against women and girls, and the threat…

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