Foundation Double Positive

Foundation Double Positive

Foundation Double Positive was established on February 2nd 2009, as an initiative of Mrs. Ethel Pengel.

The main activity of the foundation is offering psycho-social care, support and counseling to women and young girls who are living with AIDS or are infected with HIV.

The care is being done by buddies, peer-counselors and social workers.

Women in Suriname who have AIDS or are infected with HIV have a hard time. Still many are rejected by their families or lose their jobs. The consequence for these women and their children is poverty. Ethel Pengel, who is HIV-infected and has for years committed herself to such cases, started a new initiative.


  • support group
  • House, hospital and prison counseling
  • Training in capacity building
  • Providing information to businesses, other organizations, institutions

Contact Us:
Double Positive Foundation, Verlengde keizerstraat 92, Paramaribo, Suriname
Phone: 5978802134 / 5976801780



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