Competition Rules



Submissions must be the original work of the team. All entries become the property of The Silver Lining Foundation and the British High Commission of Port of Spain upon submission.

Only one submission per school is permitted and must include:

1. A completed submission form.

2. One (1) Visual Component Schools have an option to submit either a poster, piece of art OR a video to fulfil the visual requirement.

Posters/Artwork should:

  • Address one type of bullying experienced by students in their schools that shows an interpretation of the theme.
  • Be neat, and easy to read and accompanied by the official #AllDifferentAllEqual hashtag.
  • Be ell-organized (i.e. is well-spaced and does not look cluttered).
  • Be attention-grabbing (i.e. captivating slogan and clear message).
  • Show originality and can be done using paint, markers, crayons, pencil or ink.
  • Be size specific:
    o Poster – 22″ x 28″
    o Artwork – no smaller than 8½” x 11″ and no larger than 11″ x 14″.
  • All Posters and Artwork must be photographed for judging submission.

Video submissions should:

  • Not exceed 60 seconds.
  • Feature the official #AllDifferentAllEqual hashtag.
  • Aim to highlight what bullying is, the effects of bullying on victims and how you are working to combat bullying in your school.
  • Submitted via a web link to make sharable to the Silver Lining Foundation social media.

Participating schools who have chosen video submissions as the Visual Component should seek parental consent for appearing in videos.

3. Two (2) written components:

i. An essay in response to the provided prompt

All schools are to submit one essay response to the following question:
“In a recently published school climate survey it was documented that the majority of students in secondary schools reported bullying experiences perpetrated by their peers based on language that was considered either sexist or homophobic. What recommendations can be made by both the student population and school
administration to address this issue and combat this form of bullying at schools?”

Essay Format
a) Essays must be typed and uploaded in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format
b) All essays must be between 1,000 and 1,500 words, typed font Times New Roman OR Calibri, sized 12, spaced 1.5 OR double. Citations and cover page information are excluded from the word count.
c) Essays must NOT be plagiarised.
d) Essays should NOT have been previously published and MUST be original work.
e) Essays will only be accepted from the 30 schools involved in the Safer Schools – Managing Diverse Classrooms Workshop.

ii. A detailed report (with photographs) of the engagement with the competition deliverables.

All schools are required to submit a report of their campaigns. This report should include:
a) A description of the campaign detailing the interpretation of the theme: All Different, All Equal
b) An outline of all campaign projects and activities, including expected goals and outcomes.
c) Evidence of projects that initiated “healthy dialogue” and high school engagement via photographs showing student involvement and participation in the execution of campaign projects and activities.
d) Reports should not exceed six (6) pages

For schools choosing a poster/art piece as the visual component, an image of poster or artwork should be attached with a brief description of the piece that highlights how the poster/artwork interprets the theme. Attached images of the poster or artwork should be formatted as a JPEG file image OR PDF document.

For schools choosing a video as the visual component, the report must include a rationale for the concept of the video. The report must also detail student response to viewing the video.


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